Econ Industry Talk: Why Do Tech Firms Hire So Many Economists?
10 Feb 2023 (Fri)
4:30pm – 6pm
Room 1103 (Academic Building, near LT-A) View Map
Prof. Seonghoon Kim (SMU) and Prof. Yasutora Watanabe (U of Tokyo)

We are honored to have Prof. Seonghoon Kim (Associate Professor of Economics at Singapore Management University), and Prof. Yasutora Watanabe (Professor at University of Tokyo, Director of University of Tokyo Economic Consulting Inc., and former Head of Economics at Amazon JP) to be the speakers of the event. In this event, they will provide an overview of:
•  Why tech firms hire lots of economists
•  How economists can contribute to tech firms
•  What economists do in tech firms
•  The challenges, the considerations, the future outlook of economists in tech firms, and more
There will be a Q&A session before the end of the event.

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