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In Academic Year 2023/24, we would keep our Seminar/Webinar on Wednesday and Friday.  On top of the Hybrid Seminars at 3:00pm, we also have US Webinars at 9:00am and UK Webinars at 4:00pm.  For details, please email: 

Please also refer to other economics workshop/conference that we organized:

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Fall 2023

Date Speaker Presentation
4 Sep (Mon) 

Prof. Susumu Sato
Hitotsubashi University

Asymmetric Platform Oligopoly
8 Sep (Fri) 

Prof. Soonwoo Kwon 
Brown University

Bias-Aware Inference in Regularized Regression Models
13 Sep (Wed)

Prof. Peter Klibanoff
Northwestern University

Persuasion with Ambiguous Communication
20 Sep (Wed)   

Prof. Shengwu Li
Harvard University

Sequential Cursed Equilibrium
22 Sep (Fri)   

Prof. Sarah Auster
University of Bonn

Simultaneous Search and Adverse Selection
26 Sep  (Tues) 
3:00-4:30pm IAS LT

Prof. Donald Kenkel
Cornell University

IAS Distinguished Lecture
Reducing the Harms from Opioids, Tobacco, and Other Addictions: 
A Cross-Country Perspective

27 Sep (Wed) Prof. Donald Kenkel
Cornell University

Just What the Doctor Ordered?
The Benefits and Costs of E-cigarette Regulation in Australia

4 Oct (Wed) 

Prof. Kei Kawai
University of Tokyo and 
University of California, Berkeley

A Field Experiment on Antitrust Compliance
6 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Woong Yong Park
Seoul National University

Heterogeneity in Household Inflation Expectations: Policy Implications
11 Oct (Wed)

Prof. Jia Li 
Singapore Management University

Optimal Inference for Spot Regressions
13 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Timothy Armstrong
University of Southern California

20 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Yichuan Lou
University of Tokyo

Optimal Delegation with Information Design
25 Oct (Wed)

Prof. Lester Chan
Xiamen University 

Joint Design of Team Production Technology and Performance Pay
1 Nov Wed)

Prof. Minchul Yum
University of Southampton

Status Externalities in Education and Low Birth Rates in Korea
3 Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Chae Won Baek
Tufts University

8 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Juan Herreño
University of California, San Diego

8 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Olivier Tercieux
Paris School of Economics

10 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

10  Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Kirby Nielsen
California Institute of Technology

17 Nov (Fri)

Prof. Jiangtao Li
Singapore Management University

22 Nov (Wed)

Prof. Anton Kolotolin
University of New South Wales

27 Nov (Mon)

Prof. Sanjeev Goyal
Cambridge University 

29 Nov (Wed)

Prof. Duk Gyoo Kim
Sungkyunkwan University 

1 Dec (Fri)

Prof. Mert Kimya
University of Sydney

6 Dec (Wed)

Prof. Chao Ma 
Xiamen University 

11 Dec (Mon) 
Details TBA
Prof. Yasu Sawada
University of Tokyo


13 Dec (Wed) 

Prof. Ryan Kim
Johns Hopkins University

14 Dec (Thu)

Prof. Eunseong Ma
Yonsei University

The 40-Hour Work Week

15 Dec (Fri) 

Prof. Shurojit Chatterji
Singapore Management University


18 Dec (Mon) 

Prof. Benjamin Leyden
Cornell University

22 Dec (Fri)

Prof. Angus Chu
University of Macau

Evolution from Political Fragmentation to a Unified Empire in a Malthusian Economy

Last Update 28 September 2023



Summer 2023

Date Speaker Presentation
5 July (Wed) Prof. Frederic Warzynski
Aarhus University 
The Effect of R&D on Quality, Productivity and Welfare
24 July (Mon) 

Prof. Steve Wu
University of California, San Diego

Collateral Advantage: Exchange Rates, Capital Flows, and Global Cycles



Spring 2023

Date Speaker Presentation
24 Feb (Fri) 

Prof. Christoph E. Boehm
The University of Texas at Austin

The US, Economic News, and the Global Financial Cycle
1 Mar (Wed) 

Prof. Shunya Noda
University of Tokyo

A Dynamic Model of Rational 'Panic Buying'
3 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Seung Joo Lee
University of Oxford 

Growth, Heterogeneous Beliefs, and Risk Amplification
8 Mar (Wed) 

Prof. Yao Luo
University of Toronto

Driving the Drivers: Algorithmic Wage-Setting in Ride-Hailing
10 Mar (Fri)

Prof. Brian Viard
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Evaluating Air Pollution Regulation:                                                                                        Separating Firm Competitiveness and Ambient Effects
16 Mar (Thu) 

Prof. Lixin Ye
The Ohio State University

Competitive Nonlinear Income Taxation Revisited
17 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Marc Rysman
Boston University

Bank Branching Strategies in the 1997 Thai Financial Crisis                                        and Local Access to Credit
22 Mar (Wed) 

Prof. Albert Marcet
Barcelona School of Economics

Pareto-Improving Optimal Capital and Labor Taxes
24 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Wei Huang
The Chinese University of  Hong Kong

Motivated Beliefs, Independence and Cooperation
29 Mar (Wed) 

Prof. Keeyoung Rhee
Pohang University of Science & Technology

ESG Integration under Asymmetric Information
31 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Dmitry Mukhin
London School of Economics

Optimal Exchange Rate Policy
3 April (Mon)  Prof. Lung-fei Lee
Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
Best Linear and Quadratic Moments for Spatial Econometric Models
12 Apr (Wed)   
Prof. Oleg Itskhoki
University of California, Los Angeles
Dominant Currencies - How firms choose currency invoicing and why it matters
14 Apr (Fri) 

Prof. Jun Yu
Singapore Management University

Latent Local-to-Unity Models
19 Apr (Wed) 

Prof. Yi-chun Chen
National University of Singapore

Distributionally Robust Auction Design
21 Apr (Fri) 

Prof. Wei Cui 
University College London

A Ramsey Theory of Financial Distortions
26  Apr (Wed) 

Prof. Antonin Bergeaud
HEC Paris

From Public Labs to Private Firms: Magnitude and Channels of R&D Spillovers

28  Apr (Fri) 

Prof. Jungmin Lee
Seoul National University

Minimum Wage, Social Insurance Mandate, and Working Hours
3 May (Wed) 

Prof. Xiaogang Che
City University of London

Game Changers: Evidence from Tesla Model 3 Unveiling Announcement

10 May (Wed) 

Prof. Yohanes Eko Riyanto
Nanyang Technological University

Cooperation and Cognition in Social Networks
12 May (Fri) 

Prof. Mu Zhang
University of Michigan

The Efficient Allocation of Indivisible Goods
16 May (Tues) 

Prof. Remi Jedwab
George Washington University

The Skyscraper Revolution: Global Economic Development and Land Savings

17 May (Wed) 

Prof. Shing-Yi Wang
University of Pennsylvania

The Benefits and Costs of Guest Worker Programs:                                                Experimental Evidence from the India-UAE Migration Corridor

17 May (Wed)

Prof. Michael Pesko
Georgia State University 

The Effect of Vertical Identification Card Laws on Teenage Tobacco and Alcohol Use
19 May (Fri) 

Prof. Takashi Kano
Hitotsubashi University 

Welfare Costs of Exchange Rate Fluctuations:                                                           Evidence from the 1972 Okinawa Reversion
24 May (Wed) 

Prof. Kim Ruhl
University of Wisconsin

Trade-Policy Dynamics: Evidence from 60 Years of U.S.-China Trade
24 May (Wed) 
Prof. Philip Neary
University of London Royal Holloway
Unique Stable Matchings
25 May (Thu) 
Prof. Junjie Zhou
Tsinghua University 
A Simple Model of Network Multiplexity
31 May (Wed) 

Prof. Jose Luis Montiel Olea
Cornell University

On the Testability of the Anchor Words Assumption in Topic Models

6 Jun (Tues) 

Prof. Yilan Xu
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Seeding Efficient Large-Scale Public Health Interventions in Diverse Spatial-Social Networks
7 Jun (Wed) 
Prof. Weining Wang
University of York

Beta-Sorted Portfolios


Winter 2023

Date Speaker Presentation
9 Jan (Mon) 

Prof. Tangren Feng
Bocconi University

Interim and Ex Post Strategy-Proof Mechanisms:                                                      Designing Simple Mechanisms in Complex Environments


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