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Our Hybrid Seminars will remain on Wednesday and Friday during the Spring Semester of 2023/24, but the time will be changed to 12:00-1:30pm. For more information, kindly send an email to

Please also refer to other economics workshop/conference that we organized:

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Summer 2024

Date Speaker Presentation
26 Jun (Wed) Prof. Jonas Hjort
University College London
Ethnic Bias in the State: Experimental Evidence from Peru
23 July (Tues) Prof. Pengfei Wang
Peking University HSBC Business School
Reference-dependent Preferences and Sentiment-driven Asset
  5 Aug (Mon) Prof. Jay Lu
University of California, Los Angeles
Algorithm Design: A Fairness-Accuracy Frontier

 Last Update 17 July 2024


Spring 2024

Date Speaker Presentation
28 Feb (Wed) 

Prof. Eunhee Lee
Seoul National University

High-skill Immigration, Offshore R&D, and Firm Dynamics
  6 Mar (Wed) 

Prof. Yucheng Liang
Carnegie Mellon University

Boundedly Rational Information Demand
  8 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Andrei Zeleneev
University College London

Nonparametric Identification and Estimation with Non-Classical Errors-in-Variables
11 Mar (Mon) 

Prof. Venky Venkateswaran
New York University 

Scalable Expertise
11 Mar (Mon) 
  1:30-3pm AB2405

Prof. Junjie Zhang
Duke University 

Joint ECON, ENVR & SOSC Seminar
The Impact of Climate Change on Rural Finance
12 Mar (Tues)

Prof. Cristian (Kiki) Pop-Eleches
Columbia University

The Effects of a STEM High School Curriculum
15 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Yi Xin
California Institute of Technology

Competing on Information in Selection Markets: Evidence from Auto Insurance
20 Mar (Wed)

Prof. Zhanna Kapsalyamova
Nazarbayev University

Measuring Energy Poverty: Empirical Evidence from Kazakhstan
22 Mar (Fri) 

Prof. Joyee Deb
New York University

Similarity of Information and Regime Change
27 Mar (Wed)

Prof. Frank Westermann
Osnabrück University

Renminbi Trading after the Pandemic: The Role of Trade, Economic and Policy Factors

28 Mar (Thu)          11-12:30 AB1103

Prof. Yi Fan
National University of Singapore
Joint ECON & ENVR Seminar
The Unintended Consequences of Coal-fired Power Plant Closures: 
Evidence from China

  3 Apr (Wed)

Prof. Rachel Ngai
Imperial College London and                                London School of Economics

Structural Transformation over 150 years of Women’s and Men’s Work
12 Apr (Fri)

Prof. Suanna Oh
Paris School of Economics

Do Financial Concerns Make Workers Less Productive?

15 Apr (Mon)

Prof. Junichi Yamasaki
Kobe University

From Samurai to Skyscrapers: How Transaction Costs Shape Tokyo
16 Apr (Tues) Prof. Soo Hong Chew
National University of Singapore
Axiomatizing Correlation Preference
17 Apr (Wed)

Prof. Evan Friedman
Paris School of Economics

Quantal Response Equilibrium with a Continuum of Types: Characterization and Nonparametric Identification
26 Apr (Fri) 

Prof. Zi Wang
Hong Kong Baptist University

Optimal Spatial Emission
  8 May (Wed)

Prof. Masakazu Ishihara
New York University

A Structural Life Course Model of Dynamic Role Selection on an open Q&A Platform for Pregnancy and Childbirth
10 May (Fri)

Prof. Guy Michaels
London School of Economics

Joint ECON & SOSC Webinar
Evaluating Urban Planning: Evidence from Dar es Salaam
14 May (Tues)

Prof. Paymon Khorrami
Duke University

Risk Premia, Subjective Beliefs, and Forward Guidance
17 May (Fri)

Dr. Sina Ates
Federal Reserve Board

Ready, Set, Unify: The Uneven Race between Trabants and BMWs
22 May (Wed)

Prof. Brian McCaig
Wilfrid Laurier University

Trade, Structural Change and Labour Market Transitions in Vietnam

29 May (Wed)

Prof. Wenzhang Zhang
Zhejiang University

Consumer Search, Firm Heterogeneity, and Platform Design
   5 Jun (Wed)

Prof. Lorenz Goette
National University of Singapore

Identity and Economic Incentives
   7 Jun (Fri)

Prof. Seung Joo Lee
Oxford University

Do Cost-of-Living Shocks Pass Through to Wages?
13 Jun (Thu)           10-11:30 Prof. Zhijun Chen
Monash University 
Paying Consumers for Their Data: 
An Economic Analysis of Data Collection and Digital Privacy
13 Jun (Thu)

Prof. Guillermo Ordonez
University of Pennsylvania

Business, Liquidity, and Information Cycles


Our Seminar/Webinar was held on Wednesdays and Fridays during the Fall & Winter Semester in the Academic Year 2023/24. In addition to the Hybrid Seminars at 3:00pm, we have US Webinars at 9:00am and UK Webinars at 4:00pm.


Winter 2024

Date Speaker Presentation
19 Jan (Fri) Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti
European University Institute and CEPR
The Theory of International Reserves, Revisited


Fall 2023

Date Speaker Presentation
4 Sep (Mon) 

Prof. Susumu Sato
Hitotsubashi University

Asymmetric Platform Oligopoly
8 Sep (Fri) 

Prof. Soonwoo Kwon 
Brown University

Bias-Aware Inference in Regularized Regression Models
13 Sep (Wed)

Prof. Peter Klibanoff
Northwestern University

Persuasion with Ambiguous Communication
20 Sep (Wed)   

Prof. Shengwu Li
Harvard University

Sequential Cursed Equilibrium
22 Sep (Fri)   

Prof. Sarah Auster
University of Bonn

Simultaneous Search and Adverse Selection
26 Sep  (Tues) 
3:00-4:30pm IAS LT

Prof. Donald Kenkel
Cornell University

IAS Distinguished Lecture
Reducing the Harms from Opioids, Tobacco, and Other Addictions: 
A Cross-Country Perspective

27 Sep (Wed) Prof. Donald Kenkel
Cornell University

Just What the Doctor Ordered?
The Benefits and Costs of E-cigarette Regulation in Australia

4 Oct (Wed) 

Prof. Kei Kawai
University of Tokyo and 
University of California, Berkeley

A Field Experiment on Antitrust Compliance
6 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Woong Yong Park
Seoul National University

Heterogeneity in Household Inflation Expectations: Policy Implications
11 Oct (Wed)

Prof. Jia Li 
Singapore Management University

Optimal Inference for Spot Regressions
13 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Timothy Armstrong
University of Southern California

Robust Estimation and Inference in Panels with Interactive Fixed Effects
20 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Yichuan Lou
University of Tokyo

Optimal Delegation with Information Design
25 Oct (Wed)

Prof. Lester Chan
Xiamen University 

Joint Design of Team Production Technology and Performance Pay
1 Nov Wed)

Prof. Minchul Yum
University of Southampton

Status Externalities in Education and Low Birth Rates in Korea
6 Nov (Mon) 

Prof. Chae Won Baek
Tufts University

Inflation Expectations and Labor Supply: Evidence From an Experimental Study

7 Nov (Tues) 

Dr. Dong He
International Monetary Fund

Digital Money and the International Monetary System: An Analytical Agenda
8 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Juan Herreño
University of California, San Diego

The Geographic Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks

8 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Olivier Tercieux
Paris School of Economics

Unpaired Kidney Exchange: 
Overcoming Double Coincidence of Wants without Money
10 Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Joint ECON & IPE (GZ) Seminar  
Market Entry Timing and Patent Office Delays

17 Nov (Fri)

Prof. Jiangtao Li
Singapore Management University

Undominated Mechanisms
22 Nov (Wed)

Prof. Anton Kolotilin
University of New South Wales

Persuasion and Matching: Optimal Productive Transport
24 Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Xuan Li

Business School and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture
Claudia Goldin and Dissecting the Evolution of Labour Market Gender Gaps - The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2023

27 Nov (Mon)

Prof. Sanjeev Goyal
Cambridge University and 
New York University Abu Dhabi 

Experimental Evidence on the Relation between Social Networks and individual Choice
29 Nov (Wed)

Prof. Duk Gyoo Kim
Sungkyunkwan University 

Positive Selection in Bargaining: Experiment
1 Dec (Fri)

Prof. Mert Kimya
University of Sydney

Power, Coalitions and the Stability of Hierarchies
6 Dec (Wed)

Prof. Chao Ma 
Xiamen University 

Bayesian Learning with Forgetting: 
An Empirical Analysis of Automobile Insurance Policyholders
11 Dec (Mon) 
Prof. Yasuyuki Sawada
University of Tokyo

Infrastructure and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Satellite, Administrative, and Muti-Generation Household Data in a Developing Country

12 Dec (Tues) 

Prof. Ting Liu
Stony Brook University 

Consumer-Optimal Information Design under Credence Good Monopoly
13 Dec (Wed) 

Prof. Ryan Kim
Johns Hopkins University

Monetary Policy and Firm Exports: 
Micro-level Evidence from the Indian Demonetization
14 Dec (Thu)

Prof. Eunseong Ma
Yonsei University

The 40-Hour Work Week

15 Dec (Fri) 

Prof. Shurojit Chatterji
Singapore Management University

On Efficiency with Heterogeneous Forecasts

18 Dec (Mon) 

Prof. Benjamin Leyden
Cornell University

The Effects of Platform-owner Entry on the Competitive Behavior of Third-Party Firms


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