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Given the current Epidemic, all of the seminars in Academic Year 2021/22 would be held Online.   On top of the normal seminar schedule on Wednesday and Friday at 3:00pm, we would also have the US Webinars to start from 9:00am and UK Webinars to start from 4:00pm.  For Zoom meeting information, please contact Julie by email: 


Please also refer to other economics workshop/conference that we organized:

- Applied Economics Workshop

- Hong Kong Theory Seminars



Fall 2021

Date Speaker Presentation
1 Sep (Wed) 

Prof. Gedeon Lim

The University of Hong Kong

Why Pay The Chief? Land Rents and Economic Development in Indonesia
15 Sep (Wed) 

Prof. Farzana Afridi

Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi) and
National University of Singapore

The Ties That Bind Us: Social Networks and Productivity in the Factory
17 Sep (Fri) 

Prof. Ying Bai

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shaking Legitimacy: The Impact of Earthquakes on Conflict in Historical China
24 Sep (Fri) 

Prof. Ivan Canay

Northwestern University

On the Use of Outcome Tests for Detecting Bias in Decision Making
29 Sep (Wed) 

Prof. Jae Won Lee

Seoul National University 

Redistribution and the Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix
6 Oct (Wed)   

Prof. Martin Weidner

Oxford University

Bounds on Average Effects in Discrete Choice Panel Data Models
8 Oct  (Fri)

Prof. Fuhai Hong

Lingnan University

A Deduction Mechanism for Public Goods Provision: Theory and Experiment
15 Oct (Fri) 

Prof. Walker Ray

London School of Economics 

A Preferred-Habitat Model of Term Premia, Exchange Rates and
Monetary Policy Spillovers
20 Oct (Wed)

Prof. Chen Zhao

The University of Hong Kong

Learning from a Black Box
22 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Jinzhao Du

The University of  Hong Kong

How can Publishers Collaborate and Compete with News Aggregators?
27 Oct (Wed)  

Prof. Ali Yurukoglu

Stanford University

Concentration in Product Markets
29 Oct (Fri) 

Prof. Jimmy Chan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Institution of Merit: A Study of Chinese College Admissions
3 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Koen Jochmans

Toulouse School of  Economics

Nonparametric Estimation of Finite-Mixture Models of Dynamic Discrete Choices
5 Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Katja Seim

Yale University

Welfare Consequences of Nominal Excise Taxation
12 Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Wei He

The Chinese University of  Hong Kong

Correlation-Robust Auction Design
17 Nov (Wed) 

Prof. Jeanine Miklos-Thal

University of Rochester

Opportunism in Vertical Contracting: A Dynamic Perspective
26 Nov (Fri) 

Prof. Debopam Bhattacharya

Cambridge University

Incorporating Social Welfare in Program-Evaluation and Treatment Choice
1 Dec (Wed) 

Prof. Vincent Sterk

University College London

Startup Types, Structural Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in Europe
3 Dec (Fri) 

Prof. Ralph Luetticke

University College London

Financial Frictions: Macro vs Micro Volatility
8 Dec (Wed) 

Prof. Ayako Kondo

The University of Tokyo

Revisiting the Scarring Effect of a Recession at Entry to the Labor Market in Japan


Spring 2021

Date Speaker Presentation
24 Feb (Wed) 

Prof. José Azar

University of Navarra

Revisiting the Anticompetitive Effects of Common Ownership
26 Feb (Fri) 

Distinguished Speakers in Economics

Prof. Michael Kremer

University of Chicago

Converging to Convergence
3 Mar (Wed) 

Prof. Ruixue Jia

London School of Economics and
University of California, San Diego

Entrepreneurial Reluctance: Talent and Firm Creation in China
5 Mar (Fri)

Prof. Curtis Taylor

Duke University

Setbacks, Rundowns, and Overruns
10 Mar (Wed)

Prof. Jean-Jacques Forneron

Boston University

Estimation and Inference by Stochastic Optimization: A Free-Lunch Bootstrap
12 Mar (Fri) 

Dr. Christian Wolf

University of  Chicago

Interest Rate Cuts vs. Stimulus Payments: A Macro Equivalence Result
17 Mar (Wed)

Prof. Anujit Chakraborty

University of California, Davis

Procrastination in Groups
7 Apr (Wed)

Prof. Nicholas Ryan

Yale University 

Holding Up Green Energy
14 Apr (Wed) 

Prof. Christoph Rothe

University of Mannheim 

Bias-Aware Inference in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Designs
16 Apr (Fri)

Prof. Jonathan Robinson

University of  California, Santa Cruz

Digital Credit: Filling a hole, or digging a hole? Evidence from Malawi
21 Apr (Wed)  

Prof. Sangyoon Park

The University of Hong Kong

Technology Training, Buyer-Supplier Linkage,
and Quality Upgrading in an Agricultural Supply Chain
23 Apr (Fri) 

Prof. Wen Zhou

The University of Hong Kong

Platform Competition and Equilibrium Proportional Fee
28 Apr (Wed) 

Prof. Shoshana Vasserman

Stanford University

Bargaining and International Reference Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
30 Apr (Fri) 

Prof. Martin Peitz

University of Mannheim

Ad Clutter, Time Use, and Media Diversity
5 May (Wed) 

Prof. James Sallee

University of  California, Berkeley

Pigou Creates Losers: On the Implausibility of Achieving Pareto Improvements from Efficiency-Enhancing Policies
7 May (Fri) 

Prof. Hsin-Tien Tiffany Tsai

National University of Singapore

The Real Impact of FinTech: Evidence from Mobile Payment Technology
12 May (Wed)

Prof. Olivier Coibion

The University of Texas at Austin

The Effect of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Household Spending
13 May (Thu) 

Prof. Pak Hung Au

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Attraction vs Persuasion
17 May (Mon) 

Prof. Bingjing Li

National University of Singapore

Did U.S. Politicians Expect the China Shock?
21 May (Fri) 

Prof. Yongxiang Wang

The Chinese University of  Hong Kong, Shenzhen

The Chinese Collectibles Bubble
26 May (Wed) 

Prof. Yizhen Gu

Peking University HSBC Bsuiness School

Delineating China’s Metropolitan Areas Using Commuting Flows
28 May (Fri) 

Prof. Chang Sun

The University of  Hong Kong

Uncertainty, Imperfect Information, and Expectation Formation over the Firm's Life Cycle
4 June (Fri) 

Dr. Nan Li

International Monetary Fund

The S-curve: Understanding the Dynamics of Worldwide Financial Liberalization


Fall 2020

Date Speaker Presentation
9 Sep (Wed) 

Dr. Nils Gornemann

Federal Reserve Board

Exchange Rates and Endogenous Productivity
11 Sep (Fri)

Prof. Mitsuru Igami

Yale University

Mapping Firms' Locations in Technology Space: A Topological Analysis of Patent Statistics
18 Sep (Fri)

Prof. Zhuoqiong Chen

Harbin Institute of  Technology

Information Spillovers in Experience Goods Competition
25 Sep (Fri)

Prof. Lingfang (Ivy) Li

Fudan University

Buying Reputation as a Signal of Quality: Evidence from an Online Marketplace
30 Sep (Wed)

Prof. Florian Ederer

Yale University

Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives
2 Oct (Fri)

Prof. John Turner

University of Georgia

Preferential Trade Agreements and Global Sourcing
7 Oct (Wed)

Prof. Nathan Miller

Georgetown University

Oligopolistic Price Leadership and Mergers: The United States Beer Industry
9 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Michael Sposi

Southern Methodist University

Structural Change and Global Trade
16 Oct (Fri)

Prof. David Frankel

The University of Melbourne

Portfolio Liquidity and Security Design with Private Information
23 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Alessandro Dovis

University of Pennsylvania

Rules without Commitment: Reputation and Incentives
30 Oct (Fri)

Prof. Matthew Backus

Columbia University

Common Ownership and Competition in the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry
6 Nov (Fri)

Prof. Karthik Muralidharan

University of California, San Diego

Improving Public Sector Management at Scale? Experimental Evidence on School Governance in India
7 Nov (Sat)

Prof. Nicola Persico

Northwestern University

Contestable Autocracies, Redistribution, and Public Goods
13 Nov (Fri)

Prof. Xiaosheng Mu

Princeton University 

Monotone Additive Statistics
20 Nov (Fri)

Prof. Chengsi Wang

Monash University

Directed Search on a Platform: Meet fewer to Match More
25 Nov (Wed)

Prof. Sunny Huang and Prof. Qinggong Wu


IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture on Economics Sciences
27 Nov (Fri)

Prof. Jorge Lemus

University of  Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Information Overload and Screening


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