Alumni Whereabouts

(in alphabetical order, showing degrees awarded at HKUST)

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Jiang, Kun

MSc (ECON), 2006
PhD (ECON), 2011

Current Position: Assistant Professor in Industrial Economics, University of Nottingham, London


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Ngai, Rachel Li Wah

BSc (ECON), 1996

Current Position: Reader, Department of Economics in London School of Economics


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Siu, Kam Wing

BSc (ECON), 1995
MSc (ECON), 1997

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Business Education, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


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Lai, Kong Wah

BBA (ECON), 1997

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Economics in Lehigh University


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Shik, Thomas

BSc (ECOF), 2003

Current Position: Chief Economist, Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong


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Zhou, Yahong

PhD (ECON), 2005

Current Position: Professor, School of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance & Economics


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