Congregation 2023
27 Nov 2023

Congratulations to the MPhil Econ, MSc Econ, and UG (BBA Econ, BSc ECOF, and BSc MAEC) graduating class of 2023 on their accomplishments! They have overcome challenges, embraced new knowledge, and grown intellectually. Their dedication and resilience have paid off and have led them to this milestone.

The department’s ceremonial session of the 31st Congregation was held on November 25th, 2023. At the ceremony, Prof. Kar Yan Tam, Dean of the School of Business and Management, delivered the opening remarks. Prof. Mingyi Hung, the Head of Accounting, and Prof. David Cook, the Acting Head of Economics, presented graduates of Postgraduate and Undergraduate degrees. Prof. Steven Cheung and Prof. Ernest Lai of the Accounting Department and the Economics Department respectively read out the names of the graduates as they walked across the stage.

Mr. Xiaolong Cheng, the recipient of the degree of BBA Econ and in Marketing, represented the Economics graduates and delivered the valedictory address on stage. “Here at HKUST, we have learned the value of ‘going together.’ And together, I believe we can go far.”

We hope that the future of our graduates be filled with endless possibilities and that they will continue to inspire others with their achievements.