BBA in Economics

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Program size: 55

Target numbers for Program Based Admission: 25; School Based Admission: 30

Target Students

BBA in Economics is suitable for students,

  • with analytical mind and comfortable or committed to work with numbers, with or without prior knowledge in economics
  • wish to have
    • solid training in logic and quantitative thinking,
    • to explore varies program and career choice in accounting, marketing, IT, administration, management, teaching or in the civil services.
  • students who wish to pursue further study or pursue careers that required economics knowledge and skills, e.g. banking, finance, economists, consultant  
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The Curriculum

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Students take major courses after they enter major, at the 3rd or 4th semester of study.  

Detailed information of the BBA, ECON Curriculum

Additional Major and Minor Programs

The curriculum of the BBA program has a multi-disciplinary perspective. Students can do additional major(s) in Professional Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Operations Management, Management of Organizations or Marketing.

Economics students can take non-SBM major across schools, while non-SBM students can take economics as an additional major. 

Minor Programs

Besides second major, students have the following minor programs to choose from, students may choose to minor in more than one programs according to their interest and aspirations. 

Minor Programs
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Apply through JUPAS

Program quota: 55 (first major)             

  • enter the BBA, Economics Program direct (Program Based Admissions, JS 5311, quota: 25)
  • enter through Business School (School based admission: JS 5300, quota: 30

In the first three semesters of their study, students take foundation courses covering the major areas of business and management include accounting, economics, finance, information systems, operations management, management of organizations and marketing; mathematics and language courses; and university common core courses.

The students choose major after they have completed at least 43 credits, including transferred credits, and have finished 5 out of the 7 major foundation courses.  Usually at the end of their second or third semester of study

HKDSE Entry Score for BBA Economics

Median & Lower Quartile

JS 5311 BBA Econ   Median Lower Quartile Highest Attainable Score Lower Quartile Per-Subject Average Score (Business Programs Only)
(8.5-point scale)
38 36 68 4.5
(7-point scale)
36 34 56 4.3
(7-point scale)
37 35 56 4.4
(7-point scale)
40 37 56 4.6

JUPAS Score Calculation for BBA, ECON

  •      English x 2
  •      MATH (Compulsory) x 2
  •      Best 4 other subjects* x 1

     * Best 4 other subjects include: core subjects, category A electives and M1/M2

Students with Other Qualifications

International Qualifications Applicants, local non-JUPAS or international

Mainland students who take Joint Entrance Examination

Apply through Major Selection Exercise

Visit SBM's website on Major Selection Exercise for updated information on general rules, eligibility, program requirements, ranking criteria, and more.